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Radio Control & Aviation
Silver Lake, Kansas  U.S.A.
The WWW Internet homesite of the Lindermans
This page was last updated on: March 10, 2019
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Interested in Skis or Floats for your R/C airplane?
Check the my Ski and Float construction page.

This is your tour stop today. Step off the bus and enjoy all the sites around Louisville, Kansas. The home town of Randy Linderman. The town and area around it is full of great sites and history. Enjoy!
The F-4 now has paint and graphics, almost ready to fly!                          6-2-01  Check it out, click here
Wooo Hooo.. It fly's! A 5 minute flight on June 22, 2001 capped an 8 year, 8 month, 13 day part time building adventure. The G-38 hauled the 22 pound Ag-Cat nicely. Click here to see some pics of this Ag-Cat.
Click for Silver Lake, KS Forecast
E-Flight, R/C
Electric Planes
A Don Incoll designed, Saturn Hobbies kit, Wasp Fun-Fly. What a great airplane. Read all about it here on the Wasp Page.
The first project of the winter is finished as of 11-12-01. It is an electric powered B-29. A fun scale project that flys great!
                    Go to B-29 Project
Come and watch the building of a Nick Ziroli plans 101" B-25. A full construction article is being asembled as the "Lady Luck" B-25 of Lt. Richard Spingler is being built. This will be a great scale project throughout the winter of 01-02..
Visit Paul Grubich's Premier WWll  bomber and fighter aircraft site.
Check out the clear, iron on, paintable covering used on my Wasp and B-29....Oz A&J Aviation
Head over to the Ag-Cat page ( above ) to find the link to a new Ag-Cat kit being developed. This may be many Ag pilots dream kit in the near future.                                                            2-27-03
More flying "Stuff". My Witch and Stop Sign need more company.
See the latest.... Flying Lawnmower

Ag-Cat update..4-25-04... Picture of the original 1977 model...Awesome!
   A quick building electric B-17 profile kit.
DJAerotech brings you the "Roadkill" series.
I plan to build more of their kits as this proved to be a very fun project. Stop by my "projects" page in the  "Electrics" section.

       Micro-Stick by
Get all the info on this great little 3.5 oz machine in the "Electrics" section. All laser cut and uses readily available GWS radio and drive gear.  Building is reviewed on the projects page once in the Electrics section.

    1973 Honda            CT90
The 1914 Longren project is now finished! Check it out in E-projects or go directly to it by clicking on the word Longren.
Models built the past few years...
Watch the Longren slide show...