This is part of the West Field group in Topeka, Kansas.     L to R.. Mike Krallman, Monty Shaw, and myself, Randy Linderman. Monty's home built speed 400 ( yellow ) and my Kadetto sporting a Norvel .061
This is Richard Spingler with his Byron's Sukhoi 27%. It is powered by a Saito 300 Twin. On-board glowdriver makes starting it as easy as flipping the spinner with your fingers. Big powerful aircraft. Dick was a WW II pilot and is a very good friend of mine.
These are some of the regulars that would show up each year at the Byron's Aivation Expo in Iowa. We all met on Compuserves Modelnet forum. Many of these same people made the Trek to Top Gun '97 in Florida as well. We have too much fun some days! Home states L to R. Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska.
Donnie Torgersen of Island Lake Illinois is heading inside of the AMA national headquarters with his NERD. The only NERD to be flown at that site. He reports that the museum is a place to be visited when in the area. This NERD is no longer.... Donnie is just fine!    :  )
Another of Donnie T's planes. It is the MegaStick. Using the wing left over from and Giant Hots crash he added 6 engines and then built a fuse for it all. A mamoth plane that actually flew. I gotta see this one. It has not made the trip to Kansas with Donnie yet.
Monty Shaw's new Saito 5 cly radial. Something new for 2000. It is reported that he is to build a 9ft span bipe for it. After getting everyone excited ( ? ) over little electric Razor planes he shows up with this! Is that about the head Nerd of Kansas or what??  :  ) More on the plane for this fantastic engine as the story unfolds. Looks GREAT Monty! Thanks to John Henzler for e-mailing me the picture, I had heard about this but not seen it yet.
Above left is Bob Talley, RCO forum host holding a Tango Auto Gyro with awesome decor! Bob is also the "Father" and designer of the Flying Stop Sign. ( one of which I do have! ) The Upper and two right side pics show the original GULF flying sign that Bob designed flew around 1977. It eventually became the Flying Stop Sign design used in many airshows over the years. Plans can still be attained through model magazines. Contact me for help if intersted. Bob still has the orignal GULF plane... we hope he flys it again someday........PLEASE!!!!!   :  )
John Dalton, Topeka, Kansas and his 12ft span Zirolli designed DC-3. I used to belong to the club John is in and watched this aircraft being built and  flown. He is known as the "scale police". He has to have rivets, panel lines, the whole shabang! It shows in this beautiful airplane.
This is a rare photo of Don Incoll of Healsville Australia. Shown here working on his  Fairy Rotodyne, a twin engine auto gyro, a one of a kind model. Be sure to check out Don's web page as it has a fantastic display of r/c aircraft.
Walt Levine, Port Huron, MI. is shown with his Ultra-Sport at his local field. Walt is one of my Internet friends whom I have yet to fly with in person. Like myself, he too has a Tango auto-gyro and Wasp. Besides being a very meticulous builder he writes an outstanding newsletter each month for their club. Some of my exploits have even been printed! His mix of information, opinion, and genuine interest in the letter / club make it a most outstanding newsletter.
John Henzler at our "new" West Field. We were required to move from our old field due to new house construction, ( and we thank the people for letting us use he site for many years! ) Shown here with his new OS .61 powered 4-Star .60. John is one of our most talented flyers... we just never tell him.  :  ) 5-21-00
This Hobby Lobby electric plane is beautiful to watch fly on a calm day. Ross Clemmons pilots it as if he were in it, a most brilliant job of flying and one of our most intelligent and friendly people at the field. I can never wait to spend a day with these guys....absolute fun!
Monty and John returning to the pits after John flew Monty's Kyosho Ducted fan electric jet through a great flight. There is no end to the type and quality of aircraft flown around here. These guys are good!
Well we found the future home of that Saito 5 cyl radial that is pictured above. Monty is now constructing a Balsa USA 1/3 scale Sopwith Pup to use the radial in. Monty is not a midget.. That plane is BIG! He might could use some of that picnic table for a set of floats.
These next three pictures on the left come from George Nichols. A long time r/c flier from Idaho. The upper picture shows George with his now deceased Kadet senior. ( in flight radio malfunction ). It was used for sport flying, banner pulling, glider tug, etc.

The middle picture is here to show everyone how beautiful it is up in the mountains where their club flys!
Awesome place George, Thanks.
For the next picture from Idaho... GET OUT THOSE SKIS!
This has to be one of the most awesome pictures of r/c fliying. You are breakin' my heart George Wish I was there
Now here is one BIG B-17 model. This one belongs to Paul Gurbich right up here in Iowa. I need to confirm the specs but it is around a 14 foot wing span and sucks the power from 4 Saito 1.50's. You may well see this one at an airshow this summer of 2000. Paul flies it frquently. I wished I were in fuel sales!  :  ) Be sure to stop by Paul's site and check out the wonderful aircraft. The website's name says it all.