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Very inexpensive and full of fun... I love mine!  A bit fast for indoor flight, this one has survived such. Better suited for outdoors where it flys like a much larger aircraft. On New Years Day, Jan 01, 05 we flew it in near 15 knot wind and it put on a great show. It never fails to surprise what is possible with this design!

It is assembled from a very quick building laser cut kit and uses inexpensive GWS gear. 2 Pico servos, 4 chl Pico receiver, 2 amp ICS50 speed control, IPS direct drive motor, and my preference...a 250mah E-tec 3 cell Lipo pack.
This is what you spend your 20 some bucks on..not a lot of sheets but outstanding cutting and design..A true bargain!
Once the trash is taken away...
A few minutes later... It really goes together quickly. Snap together and glue. Sounds like a baking class..  :  )
All the goodies fit easily. Have a look at that little magnet, it holds the wing on. I have done some high G turns and have never lost a wing..I'm a believer.
Lite Span and Balsa Rite is the covering of choice for me. Normal monocote is way to heavy and is not wanted or needed. Do it right, keep it light.
You won't get the decals, I make them myself. You will get the laser cut control horns, keepers, and music wire. Note that no rudder contol is used. It can be added but would add 1/2 oz..not for me.
It's not a lot larger than my tramsmitter and weighs in at 3.5 oz. ready to toss.
Make darn sure to heed the instructions on control deflection..it really does need exactly 1/32 inch up elevator on the test hop! Elevator is sensitive. Ailerons are more normal feeling.
Use some contrasting trim... You will want it! This baby will really move out and is not a trainer. Be ready to fly when your pal toss's it for you...( do NOT toss it yourself on the maiden ) After it is trimmed out it flys very nice and hand launchs nicely. If you do not have electronic trims that store the last setting, I would make very sure of settings before ever launching by myself.
Quick, Snappy, and Fun...Thanks Dave!!!